are elpee earrings full of colour, happiness and personality?
yes, yes and more yes!

who makes the colour happy lobe art?
me, linda!
each and every pair is handcrafted by me.
cured by me (well, technically my oven, but I put them in there).
sanded by me.
carded by me.
photographed by me.
uploaded by me.
then packed by me.

where are they made?
in my home in werribee, west of melbourne

what do you use to make your lobe art?
all earrings are made using polymer clay, and are backed with 304 stainless steel posts and clips (yay for sensitive ear holes!).

what makes your earrings special?
each and every pair is unique, which means you can hand-on-heart say you are the only person in the entire universe who has that particular pair of earrings!

can i wear them all day?
yep, cured polymer clay is super lightweight.
just make sure you check the approximate measurements in each product listing, as each pair of earrings differs in length and width.

how do i care for them?
like people, earrings can break under pressure.
they are a delicate, handcrafted product and they deserve tender, loving care.
please avoid bending them.
don’t go dropping them.
they prefer to steer clear of water, lotions, perfumes and sprays.
and like vampires, they don’t love direct sunlight.
they are happiest when adorning your lobes.
and, like people, they love hearing positive things said about them!

are custom earring orders an option?
due to my anxious brain and perfectionism, i’m not currently offering custom designs.

give it to me straight, what are your postage costs?
FREE regular post aus wide if you spend more than $100!
flat rate regular post $9 aus wide.
and there is a flat rate express post $12 aus wide option, too (but choosing this option will not speed up my packing and posting time; it just speeds up aus post’s delivery time).
click here for full details.
you can also opt for postage with signature on delivery.
all parcels are tracked, regardless of which option you choose.

do you combine postage?
sure do.
if you place more than 1 order (within a 12hr time frame) you’ll only ever need to pay for postage once.
to make this magic happen, just enter the code COMBINE at checkout, from your 2nd order onwards.
if your order totals more than $100 when combined, i’ll refund your initial postage fee.

if it’s in my cart, is it mine?
nope, sorry.
elpee lobe art only becomes yours once you successfully process your payment.
so make sure you get your fastest fingers working.

and packing and posting time frames?
give me up to 3 business days to hand pick, pack and post your orders.
then delivery times are placed in the hands of australia post.
for australia post delivery time frames based on your postcode, click here.

what do you use in your packaging?
you’ll find your elpee lobe art wrapped in tissue paper, inside a paper bag, sitting inside a paper box.
eco-friendly washi tape is used to seal boxes, and soluble packaging ‘peanuts’ (the non-allergy kind) are used on earring posts so you don’t get a nasty stab.
all cards are printed on paper.

do you post internationally?
not at the moment, sorry.

am i awesome?
you sure are!
people who read the FAQ list are awesome.
thank you for being here and caring x

i have some more questions. who do I chat to?
yes! i love questions. you can chat with me by emailing
look forward to hearing from you.