product care

like people, earrings can break under pressure.
all elpee earrings are a delicate, handcrafted product and they deserve tender, loving care.
please avoid bending them.
don’t go dropping them.
they prefer to steer clear of water, lotions, perfumes and sprays.
and like vampires, they don’t like direct sunlight.
they are happiest when adorning your lobes.
and, like people, they love hearing positive things said about them!


all elpee products are handcrafted in australia by linda.
and because all earrings are made by hand, each item listed is one-of-a-kind.
no two pairs will ever be exactly the same.
this means you’ll be the only person in the whole entire universe with that pair of earrings. bonus!
all elpee products are made using polymer clay.
due to the nature of polymer clay, and the fact elpee earrings are handcrafted, there may be slight imperfections in the product you receive.
take note, these are not faults. they are what make your elpee earrings so unique.
and all elpee earrings are backed with surgical steel posts (and clips) and are attached using glue (yay for sensitive ear holes!).

the finer print (but in a large font so it’s legible)

please ensure that you handle your elpee earrings with care. no responsibility or liability will be accepted for any damage or injury arising from, or relating to, any misuse or mishandling of elpee earrings.
images of elpee earrings that appear on the website are provided for illustrative purposes only, and elpee does not warrant or guarantee that any image will reproduce in true colour, nor that any image will reflect or portray the full design or options relating to that product.
all product measurements listed are approximates.