hi there, i’m linda. your colour happy creator of lobe art!

how you doin? (did you read that in your best joey voice?)

i live for all things colour.
all things bright.
and all things that make me smile (especially sausage dogs).

i’m a little bit quirky.
and a lot-a-bit anxious.

before elpee, i was a primary school teacher, a maker of children’s mixed-media art, and the designer behind little wuppy® (a sausage dog worry puppy helping kids with their worries).

i live in the western suburbs of melbourne with my awesome husband rob, and our two dogs.

i have always enjoyed being creative. i made my first pair of banana earrings in Grade 5, and after nearly 30 years, i’ve found my way back. and i’m LOVING it!

welcome to my world of colour!

i hope to fill your eyes with brightness.
your minds with happiness.
your hearts with kindness.
your face with a smile.
and, of course, your lobes with lots and lots of colour and quirk.

and for those of you playing along, ‘elpee’ is the strong friendship between my initials; L (el) and P (pee).

looking forward to making you feel colour happy!

linda x